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The President of The Reading Academy LLC and the creator of our curriculum, The Sunny Little Corner™, is Karen Vann. Mrs. Vann’s story is partially covered in the video found on our Home Page.  However, the portion not covered is in the fact that during the 2003 – 2004 school year, Mrs. Vann became a Reading Coach at the lowest performing school in her state.  While at this school, Mrs. Vann trained teachers assigned to her with the methods, brain-based strategies and multi-sensory techniques she had previously developed during her 10 years in the classroom.  At the end of the school year, this low performing school showed nearly 40% growth in overall Reading Test Scores and discipline reports were down considerably!

As a result, Mrs. Vann became a highly sought after Reading Specialist and was offered several positions including the Kindergarten Specialist for the entire state of Alabama.  Mrs. Vann chose to take the position of System Level Reading Specialist for the Montgomery Public School System. She supervised and trained Reading Coaches, worked closely with National Consultants, and conducted Teacher and Coaches Training Sessions.  Her positive attitude and powerful teaching techniques soon showed dramatically increased Reading Scores at the ten schools under her guidance.

After several years, Mrs. Vann chose to return to the classroom to conduct Action Research for ten years and compile all of her Teaching Strategies into one incredible curriculum, The Sunny Little Corner™ which is based off Scientific Reading Research and includes all the Components of Phonemic Awareness, Systematic Explicit Phonics, Fluency Practice, Vocabulary Development, and Text Comprehension. Mrs. Vann has been referred to as the “Mary Poppins of the classroom” and her highly motivational training sessions are a must for every school system!